1. Period definition :
                      The tenant, signer of the contract for a resolved period, could not be able to stay for a longer time
                after expiration of the set period.
    2. Deposit :
                       At the arrival of the tenant, a deposit of 400 por the T2 and 200 for the studio would be asked by the
                owner. This security sum would be reimbursed  the day of departure after a check of the state of the flat accordind
                to the previous state, reduced by the costs of reparation of the duty either done immediatly, or within the next 15 days,
                in case the tenant may leave the appartement between 7 P.M and 9 A.M.
                        Any lost, broken or spoiled object must be replace by the same object or reimbursed by the tenant by it value.
                       The deposit may never be considered as the paiment of the rent.

    3. Condition to use the flat :
                         The tenant will be responsible for any noise disturbing other neighbours and will be expected to use this
                apartment in the required and contracted expectation.
                       The tenant engages himself to return the apartment cleaned as he found it. An additional deposit of  50 for
                the T2 and 40 for the studio could be asked,  and returned at the departure of the tenant if the appartement
                is unclettered.
                        The rent contract signed between the tenant and the owner is for the exclusive use of the tenant and could not 
                be used by other peoples without a written agreement of the owner.
                       Any infractions of this condition may engender the immediate cancellation of the the contract  without the payment
                back to the tenant.

    4. Number of tenants :
                        If the number of person planed to benefit from this appartement exceed the capacity indicated in the contract and
                without agreement of the owner either,  the latter can refuse this extra persons, may cancel the contract without  paying
                the  tenant back or may ask for an additional cost of 30 by day and by person.

    5. Animals :
                         Only cats and dogs, in accordance with the owner allowance may be accepted by the owner, with and extra
                charge of 50 by week.

    6. Account of the premises :
                          An inventory would be done and sign by the owner and  the tenant at both arrival and departure.
                 The cleaning of the apartment must be done by the tenant while the renting period and at departure.

    7. Arrival of the tenant :
                         The tenant must arrive the day and time written on the contract. In case of late or delayed arrival,
                 the tenant must inform the owner.

    8. Conditions to sold the price :
                          The full rent must be received by the owner at least one month before the arrival. In case that the sum would not
                 be received before the settled date, the contrant will be cancelled.
                 The deposit and the local taxes should be received by the owner at the arrival.

    9. Conditions of cancellation :
                         Any cancellation must be  send by recommended letter to the owner.
                If the cancellation occurred at least 30 days before the arrival,
                         If the owner found an other tenant for the apartment for the same price, the payment on account will be returned.
                         If the owner will not found an other tenant for the appartement, the payment on account will not be returned.
                If the cancellation is received within the 30 days before the arrival date, the total cost paid will not be returned to the tenant.
                         If the final payment was not already sent to the owner, the latter could ask for the complete payment even after
                         cancellation of the tenant.
                If the owner does not hear from the tenant 24 hours after the arrival date written on the contract, this one becomes
                        cancelled and the owner can rent the apartment to others persons. The total cost payed by the tenant will kept by the

    10. Cancellation by the owner :
                        In case the owner  would cancel the contract, the owner would giveback the double of the sum already paid by the

    11. Interruption of the saty :

                        If the tenant do not stay all periodsettled in the contract, the sum paid will be kept by the owner. Nothing
                 will be refund to the tenant.

    12. Contestations :
                       If there is any contestation on the agreement between the tenant and the owner, the law court of the registered address
                 will be taken the case.